Brüch Bar is the newest brewery bringing together tea, hops, and water drops to make one of a kind organic and gluten free kombucha beers and cocktails.

It all started with home brewing and testing products on our friends and family. After years of refining our brewing methods and recipes, we decided to start a business! Brüch was then lucky to find a home in the Eau Claire Market in downtown Calgary.

Although we aspire to become a world wide producer one day, taking baby steps in developing our product and shaping the business has been our strategic approach. Starting up as a small brewery and tap room as Brüch Bar, we’re perfecting our product and having fun with customers in building new flavors as we make plans to scale up a bigger Brüch Brewing Company.

We’re also creating one of a kind cocktails! We were inspired to experiment with cocktails after one our friends pulled together a delicious twist on a classic bourbon sour featuring Brüch as the base. Many fun nights of mixing and experimenting followed to make for an exclusive list of Brüch based cocktails.

Come visit us to try one of our many cocktails or kombucha beers! If you really like it we can even fill growlers for you to take home.

Find us at the Eau Claire Market in Downtown Calgary.